About Therapy in Action

By on December 8, 2015

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Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists
An allied health practice, Therapy in Action specialises in hand, musculosketal and vocational rehabilitation and comprises a team of expert occupational therapists and physiotherapists who offer therapeutic and rehabilitation services to a wide variety of clients.

Core services involve
• Individual or group rehabilitation
• Physiotherapy reatment
• Hand therapy
• Chronic pain management and education
• Lymphoedema and complex swelling management
• Work hardening and – conditioning
• Job site analysis
• Functional Capacity Evaluations
• CPD workshops
• Health and wellness programmes
• Case management

Range of conditions assessed and treated
• Soft tissue injuries
• Joint injuries
• Hand injuries
• Work related injuries / Illnesses

Therapy in Action has two practices, which are located in Somerset West and Stellenbosch respectively. Their service provision is however not restricted to these areas. They also administer additional services such as work site assessments, injury prevention, health and wellness programmes to the wider Cape Metropol, Boland and Overberg region.

Somerset West 021 8527711
Stellenbosch 021 8829148

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Therapy in Action is a team of Physio and Occupational Therapists who realised after years of working in individual practices that we need each other’s professions and expertise to get the best results for our patients. Those results are the same for every patient; limit their travelling costs and ensure they return quickly to work.

Our two Physiotherapist partners are Mariet Smal and Susan Kleynhans. Mariet worked in the UK for 5 years in neuro rehabilitation. Susan was the co-founder of the Cape hand clinic. Mariet and Susan have many years of experience in treating orthopaedic related injuries through functional rehabilitation.

Our Occupational therapist partners are Liezet Basson and Erika Schwabe. Liezet worked in the UK for a year and on returning to Cape Town worked in a work rehabilitation practice for 2 years. She also completed a post graduate diploma in Hand Therapy. Her focus is on hand and work related injuries.

Erika worked in the UK for 4 years specializing in hands and general orthopaedics. On returning to SA she opened a private hand therapy practice. She also completed her training as a lymphedema therapist from the Norton school of lymphatic Therapy, USA.

Therapy in Action is fortunate to have Dorita ver Loren van Themaat join their Team as partner this year. She brings with her many years of experience in the field of Functional Capacity Evaluation, Medico-Legal and Ergonomic adaptations.

Therapy in Action has a great team of senior and junior Therapists and administrative staff that strives to bring you the best in Therapy and Rehabilitation.